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Inexpensive gift idea for 13yo & 10yo girls?

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Due to the costs of travel, we aren't traveling for Christmas, but we will be getting together for lunch Christmas day with dh's brother's family and thier cousins family, since we all live near each other. I bought a gift for my 8mo niece, but I would like to also get something for the cousins 2 girls since we will be seeing them on Christmas. I have no idea what to get and don't have a lot to spend. I thought of a gift card, but would rather not go that route.


Sorry for creating another "what to give" thread, but I am really at a loss.



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We buy our neices that age simple things like the small sized lotions and 'make-up' like small bottles of nail polish and lip gloss in the holiday aisle of WalMart. They have some cute stuff for $5 there this year. We have in the past done things like a journal, some writing paper, and a cutesy pen. That was always well received, but all of our girls like diaries and journals and such to write in. We have found some cute sets for $10 and under in other stores that include all sorts of desk items as well.

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At this age we start giving movie tickets. Costco has a good price on a 2 pack in our area. I have asked my nieces if they would like something different for Christmas and they both insist that the movie tickets are Wonderful and very appreciated.

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