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Need some suggestions for cleaning a reusable coffee filter.

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I've got a Keurig, and most days I use their reusable K-cup. The basket that holds the grounds is the fine mesh like other reusable coffee filters.


I've got 2 that have build up (I think it's coffee oil residue) in the mesh that I need to clean. I've tried the dishwasher, soaking in vinegar, and soaking in Dawn. Any other suggestions?


The build up is enough that is messes with my Keurig's brain, so I can't really use them (I just bought a third). Buying one a year isn't too bad, but I hate to think of these just sitting around or sleeping in a landfill if I could clean them well enough to use again.

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I'd try baking soda and a toothbrush or an SOS pad. I've done both in the past.


Ooh--baking soda! I haven't tried that yet. I don't have any oven cleaner or SOS pads, but might have to buy some to try.


Boiling it in vinegar didn't work--neither did running a vinegar rinse through the pot. The toothbrush didn't help, either.


Keep the ideas coming!

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Do you have any degreaser in the garage? A commercial grade may work better than Dawn. It it works I would probably run it throughout the dishwasher a few times to get any chemical residue off.


If you have hard water, maybe a scale/limestone cleaner would help. Maybe it is a combo of the oil and deposits.


Maybe soak it in dishwasher detergent. It is pretty caustic. If you don't have any maybe a neighbor would give you a squirt.


Ammonia can be used to clean the oven....it may work for this also.


A wire brush if it isn't coated with anything may help to scrub it off.



I wash ours in the dishwasher once a week to keep it clean. I found mold in a coffee maker once and since then, I like to keep the parts very Clean.

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