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Can anyone give me advice re purchasing Set vs Qwirkle. Thanks.

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It depends what you're looking for....


Qwirkle is a game where you sit down and each player takes turns placing their tiles...kind of like Scrabble (but without the board). You build off other players pieces or add to them.


In Set the dealer deals 12 cards and the players try to pick up "sets" of 3 cards. All players are searching for sets at the same time so you're racing against each other. Set going to be more fast paced.


In Set you're looking for 3 cards that have the same feature (color, shape, or pattern) or 3 cards that do not have any of those features in common.


In Qwirkle you are trying to build a line of tiles that are either all one shape or all one color. Game play is slower than in Set because you are trying to decide where to put your tiles for the most points.


Another thing about Set is that you can play it in a "Solitaire" form. You can't do that in Qwirkle....unless you play against yourself :)


Hope this helps,

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