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skip levels of WWE in a younger child?


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I am wondering if my 7 yo needs to finish WWE2 or if we can move on to 3 or do WT1 or ?


I'm trying to figure out what's important and don't want to miss anything.


We are halfway through WWE2 and he has had no problems. The only thing he doesn't get is missing some of the minor details in the passage--I'm not worried about sticking with WWE for this, because we do lots of narration in other subjects and for his independent reading, too.

But he can summarize well. He can usually do a great job without me asking the "summary questions" designed to lead him to the most pertinent points.

Today I did an experiment (inspired by another post here about what someone did with her second grader) and has him read an Aesop fable on his own, and write a summary narration. He was able to do it easily, with spelling errors and one mechanics error.


So--he needs dctation and we will continue copywork. But is there a reason we should plod through the WWE2 when he is able to move on?

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My oldest was a natural at both dictation and summary narration. WWE wasn't available then, and if it had been I doubt I would have used it. I actually did a lot of lapbooking with her because you have to pull out the info and summarize it.


Yes you can skip ahead, or you can skip it entirely. I continue to have my oldest do dictation, even through it is easy for her. If you continue with CW after WT then you will need summary skills for Homer.



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