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Those who supplement MUS with MM, how do you scheule it?


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I have just received MM1 & MM2. I'm using them to supplement MUS. I don't want to overwhelm my children with tons of math pages to do everyday to where they hate math! But, I do love MM and the way it will make them think about numbers and math in general in a different way.


But, how do I schedule the two? My youngest dd is in 2nd and doing Beta. I'll be pleased with her just finishing out Beta this year and continue on with MM through the summer. (We always do math in the summer, too)


The other dd is in 3rd. She has just started Beta. We are just going back to make sure the foundation is firm. I would like to see her finish Beta and then do Gamma through the summer. I figured it out and it is entirely doable. She may have a little Gamma to finish in the fall...which is fine.


The only thing is I'm not sure how much MM to require on a daily basis.


What do you think?

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We have been supplementing MUS with Singapore, but seeing your other thread, it dawned on me that DUH I already have MM...why not just use it instead of Singapore? So I too am curious as to how many pages and such.


What I've been doing with MUS and Singapore is to do MUS on MWF and Singapore on TTh. So I think I'll probably do the same with MM? Don't know exactly.


I too put a 3rd grader in Beta. She is in 4th now and is in lesson 6 in Gamma. I am so glad that I placed her in Beta - she definitely needed that firm foundation rather than pushing on ahead.

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