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Does anyone here live in Helena, MT? My dh

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Yeah, it's weird seeing Helena on a thread.


My boss lives there.


Very small.


All I know about it is that there is a tiny natural foods store, a post office, and a very small hospital (think: large clinic).


There has to be more than that, but once I hear very small hospital, my brain kind of extrapolates into "dinky".




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a population of approx 30,000 so I'm assuming that finding organic/natural foods would be easy? Right? I have multiple food allergies and would love to know that finding what I need won't be a problem.


Can homeschooled kids play sports on the local school team? Both of my sons play soccer & baseball for the local school and I know that it's important to them.


Also, we'd be looking for a reformed church but I've not found any online.





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There is a natural food store which is good for the town of the size. The grand opening was the best I have ever been too!!! Lots of free stuff!! It is called The Real Food Store if you want to look it up.


As far as homeschooing I really have no idea. There is probably league soccer and baseball, if not through the school. However, there may be something available through the schools???


It is the capital but what my husband and I call the "littlest big town we know". For Montana the town is pretty good sized, but is very slow paced; everything closed on Sundays, etc.


NOt sure about reformed churches?

anything else?

I guess I wasn't much help at all.

I do love montana....very much!!!

There are some beautiful, beautful victorian houses in Helena that always make me envious.


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