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So, I'm standing in the hallway watching my girls having a scooter race....

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Next to the Occupational therapist. Zoie wins. I go to step over her, she rolls under my foot, and I go down. Straight onto my knee. My left Knee. Onto the linoleum over cement floor. You know the type in hospitals. And I've been icing it since I got home. And then, I got up to walk this evening. And Couldn't. We have a pair of crutches (*I* have a pair, along with all of my other orthopedic paraphanalia :glare:).


I really really really hope that this is just a momentary blip on my radar, cuz I really don't have time for ME to be in therapy too. >SIGH<

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I did something similar a few years ago while climbing in the canyons. A rock rolled under my foot and I went down on one knee on very rocky ground. My knee was painful and swollen immediately.


I iced it for 24 hours, then alternated ice and heat for another day or two. The knee stayed swollen for several days and then was done. No lasting issues.


I hope you recover even quicker than I did!

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