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Modern Times 1600-1850: What book to read?


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If you have done SOTW 3 with your kids, what books do you recommend reading aloud. My son is in 5th Grade and I love to have your suggestions.


So far we have done:


Robinson Crusoe

Sign of the Beaver

Justin Morgan had a horse

The Witch of the Blackbird pond

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Poor Richard

Little Pilgrims Progress


Thank you for taking time to read my post.:001_smile:

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Some that we enjoyed were:


The Story of the Thirteen Colonies by Clifford L. Alderman


Carry On, Mr. Bowditch by Jean Lee Latham


The Minute Boys of Lexington by Edward Stratemeyer


Fighting For Freedom or The Birth of the Stars & Stripes by Lieutenant Lionel Lounsberry


Our Independence and the Constitution by Dorothy Canfield Fisher


and Trail Blazer of the Seas by Jean Lee Latham

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All three of mine loved Bound for Oregon. Of course many of the others mentioned were great (Johnny Tremain, Moccasin Trail (another don't miss, but much better as a read a loud), plus many more). The Boy in the Alamo (I'm pretty sure it is called) is the best book on that subject for kids (in my oh so humble opinion)!

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We haven’t started Stage 3 yet, but here is what we have purchased for it:


Abigail Adams - Francene Sabin

Abraham Lincoln (Bicentennial Edition) - Ingri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaire

America's Paul Revere - Esther Hoskins Forbes

An American Army of Two (Carolrhoda on My Own Books) - Janet Greeson

Beethoven Lives Upstairs Teacher's Notes (Grades K-8): A Comprehensive Study in Music with Connections Across the Curriculum (Classical Kids Teacher's Notes) - Susan Hammond

Benjamin Franklin - Ingri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaire

Benjamin Franklin's adventures with electricity (Science stories) - Beverley Birch

The Boy Who Held Back the Sea - Lenny Hort and Thomas Locker

Buttons for General Washington (Carol Rhoda on My Own Book) - Peter Roop

Daniel Boone : Frontier Adventures (Easy Biographies) - Keith Brandt

The Drinking Gourd: A Story of the Underground Railroad (I Can Read Book 3) - F. N. Monjo

George Washington - Ingri d'Aulaire

Hallelujah Handel Teacher's Notes (Grades K-8): A Comprehensive Study in Music with Connections Across the Curriculum (Classical Kids Teacher's Notes) - Susan Hammond

Hannah's Fancy Notions: A Story of Industrial New England (Once Upon America) - Pat Ross

Jamestown, New World Adventure (Adventures in Colonial America) - James E. Knight

John Paul Jones : Hero of the Seas (Easy Biographies)- Keith Brandt

The Matchlock Gun - Walter D. Edmonds

Mozart's Magic Fantasy: A Journey Through "The Magic Flute" - Classical Kids Presents

Mozart, Young Music Genius - Francene Sabin

Mr. Bach Comes to Call: Teacher's Notes (Grades K-8): A Comprehensive Study in Music with Connections Across the Curriculum (Classical Kids Teacher's Notes) - Susan Hammond

N.C. Wyeth's Pilgrims - Robert San Souci

The Orchestra - Mark Rubin

Pasteur's Fight Against Microbes (Science Stories Series) - Beverly Birch

Patrick Henry Voice of the American Revolution - Louis Sabin

Paul Revere's Ride - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Peter the Great - Diane Stanley

Phoebe the Spy - Judith Griffin

Pocahontas - Edgar Parin D'aulaire

Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery Teacher's Notes (Classical Kids Teacher's Notes) - Classical Kids

The Winter at Valley Forge, Survival and Victory (Adventures in Colonial America) - James E. Knight

The Young Artist - Thomas Locker

Young Thomas Jefferson – Francene Sabin



Daughter: 8; Singapore Primary Mathematics 3A; Story of the World Level 2; First Language Lessons Level 3; Writing with Ease 3; Science experiment books recommended in WTM


Son: 5: First Language Lessons Level 1; Singapore Primary Mathematics 1A; general handwriting practice and reading practice

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We just finished At The Sign of The Sugared Plum and its sequel, Petals in The Ashes. They take place in London in 1665 and 1666--first one is about the Plague and the second about the Great Fire. Although they have girls as protagonists, they are well-written and, esp in the sections where the main characters deal directly with plague and fire, contain great descriptions that really bring the time period and its challenges alive.


Once on This Island takes place during the War of 1812 on Mackinaw Island (MI) and is supposed to be quite good. I can't wait to read it. Fever 1793 is a story about the Philadelphia outbreak of yellow fever--very nicely done. Lyddie is another favorite about the mill girls in the 1843. Good descriptions of that life (again, girl is protagonist, but it's still very interesting for boys).

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