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S/O on 39 and 7 months

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Ever since my 3rd child (at 38), I almost self-destruct every cycle (every 21 days :glare:).


It's not that I'm grumpy or moody (well maybe a little :D). It's that my immune system just stops working. I feel like I'm coming down with the flu for a couple of days, and if there are any nasty germs around I get them (at least when it's winter).


Seriously, getting sick every 21 days.... And I exercise and am at the right weight... What's going on, can I change this?

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Same thing happens to me, but only within the last year or so, which has made it quite noticeable & frustrating.


Now that I know the pattern & expect it, I'm trying to get ahead of it with vitamins & other supplements and super healthy choices on the days where all I want is some chocolate. I take a specific supplement to pre-empt the cold and it has really worked and it's just a combo of some of the popular herbals.


I also find that outdoor exercise in the cold is not working for me and I am getting sicker faster. Summer is less of a problem, but winter has meant a monthly illness for which I do *not* have time!

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In Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine philosophies, around the menstrual time its important to rest and coddle yourself more than usual. Take naps and make sure you get good nights' sleeps, eat well, and its not a good time to go out in the cold without a jacket or walk around in barefeet. In our culture, we tend to just expect women to carry on as normal around their menstrual time, but in other cultures, there is permission to take extra care of oneself. Even lifting heavy weights like shifting furniture, shouldn't be done around that time. Think in terms of extra nurturing of yourself at that time, rather than powering through.

There is also a herb called Astragalus which is excellent for building a long term weak immune system. I am sure you could find it in your local health food stores.

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