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I've tried searching and I'm coming up empty!


I need a good geometry text. I want one that has actual proofs and not just the fill-in-the blank ones. (My mom was a math teacher and she said that some of the texts were like that!)


This is for a young student. My 13 yo 8th grader just finished up algebra 1 with a 98%. I think he's ready!


Thanks in advance!!

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Kiselev's Geometry sounds ideal for you. It is a very well-regarded Russian text that has been used for over a century. I took a look at the samples (which are extensive - you can really get a good feel for the text), and one section alone had eight proofs. It says that it can be used with students as young as 7th grade, so your 8th grader should be able to use it with no problem.

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Thanks Forty-Two. I'll check it out!


I was going to check out chalkdust, but the price just WOWED me!! I bought Chalkdust pre-algebra from various sources using ISBN numbers I got here. Do you know if I can do that for geometry too?


Tofuscramble - Long story! He started with Lial's Algebra in 6th. It was WAY too hard. So, we re-did pre-algebra with Lial's (after using Saxon). Then, he used Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1 because I heard it was an easier program and he was very ready to move ahead. He did very well. Then, we moved on to Lial's. He just finished it. I also have Life of Fred, thinking it might be a different way of looking at algebra for him. I'll probably have him go over the "bridge" work in that. So, I want to have a geometry text available pretty soon!

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