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Resources on cell respiration?(2nd grade)


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Are there any resources that show how food and oxygen actually travel to and nourish cells, how cells get rid of waste, etc.? The closest thing I can find is a magic school bus video in which arnold's skin turns green. I really think learning about the lungs, heart, and digestive system and then leaving it hanging is odd, but I can't find anything that continues the journey for young kids. Thank you.

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Honestly, simply telling them that the cells travel to the lungs and drop off CO2 and pick up oxygen is enough for 2nd grader. They don't need to understand cellular respiration until high school biology. ;)
I just can't stand not teaching the full story. :tongue_smilie:She has totally rebelled against human biology anyway... it is too gross and makes her shake and cry.:confused: She thinks the pictures are scary, like mummies.


We will move on to something else... I think I will try Mr. Q for a while. It would be nice to just use one book.

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