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How do you schedule Latina Christiana I?

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We have just started LC 1 with my 4th grader and (dyslexic) 6th grader. I was wondering how others who have used this have fit it into their week - what do you do each day? We also have Lingua Angelica so I was thinking to slip that in along side LC somehow (even if we are just listening to it during lunch ;)).

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When my kids were doing LC, we started each day with a Latin recitation. Then we listened to some Lingua Angelica songs (I did not require memorization or worksheets at that point). Then they reviewed their vocabulary flash cards, sometimes with me, sometimes individually, and sometimes with each other. This is how I scheduled the seat work:


M: Watch video, copy derivatives, make new flash cards

T: Lesson with me; Do first half of exercises

W: Do second half of exercises

R: Correct exercises

F: Quiz


Sometimes they hit a rough spot (especially in LCII) and I'd slow down, taking two weeks for each lesson and supplementing with workbook pages from Ludere Latine. My daughter also worked through Latin's Not so Tough Books 3 and 4 to give her extra practice.

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Thanks Melanie, that's helpful! Especially learning what else you used for extra practice - my one dd is dyslexic and I'm sure will need some.

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We do not have the dvds/cds/tapes, just the books :) Oh, and we aren't doing the history either ;)


Monday - Quiz on info from the week before

Tuesday - We follow the guide on the left... Salve amicus Latina, Salve Magistra; Oremus; Adeste Fideles; recite conjucations, ending, decline, etc. After all that (we start every day, except Monday, with that), we cover the new lesson orally. We go through all the words, the motto, and whatever new form we're learning twice, once at the start and once at the end. We'll memorize the new form by writing it on the board and erasing random words until ds can chant the whole thing without the words on the board. We discuss any new grammar and also the meaning or history behind the motto.

Wednesday - Starts the same as Tuesday, but we'll do 1/3 of the exercises after we're done. We also chant the new words, motto, and form at the beginning and end. This is the day we cover the derivatives.

Thursday - Same, except he does the second 1/3 of the exercises.

Friday - Take a wild guess :p

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