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I need a Spelling Workbook Curriculum for my 2nd grader


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I feel your pain! I have put my older two in Spelling Workout (SWO). I try to look at each lesson ahead to see if I should translate the lesson into SWR phonograms and spelling rules. Sometimes I go through the list and mark it the SWR way. We're not terribly far in doing it this way, so I have no raving success stories. My oldest has terrible spelling; my 2nd ds shows signs of possibly being a natural speller. The other option I may try with my oldest at some point is the spelling CD from Calvert. I have never used it, but it seems to have been the right thing for a few folks here. I considered Megawords, but didn't want to learn another approach - and my impression (could be wrong!) was that it would still take too much of my time. I like the rules and phonograms of SWR, just hate the implementation.


Wish you the best finding something that works for you! I figured SWO was better than doing nothing here :)


ETA: we are taking a break here, but before we did I started having my oldest use every list word in a sentence (as many or as few sentences as he needed to accomplish this). This was in place of the last page of the SWO lesson which has a "creative writing" assignment and an editing exercise (the last thing I need for this ds is to see the word spelled wrong again!)

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Rod and Staff Spelling by Sound and Structure


How to Spell are nice for review of rules that you have learned with SWR (I am assuming, we have used WRTR in the past).


All of the workbooks that I have seen are by no means complete by themselves,

(usually only 2 pages per rule) but are meant to supplement your teaching on different days.

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I really like Rod and Staff. We started with SWO, but I wasn't crazy about the quality of the activities to learn the words. R&S activities do explain some spelling rules and just generally teach about the English language. I have my first grader in the 2nd grade book (which is their beginning level). It has ruled lines, fairly simple words (her list this week half way through the book: hunted, started, helped, played, stayed, washed, worked, etc.). There is a jump in difficulty/expectations between 2nd and 3rd, and again from 3rd to 4th.

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Rod and Staff spelling 2. We really enjoyed it last year.




Dee in FL!


ps if it helps, I've been there with depression and have to pace myself very carefully as to not become overwhelmed. I'm lifting you up in prayer right now. Don't be afraid to seek help. Some depression is temporary, others find that it's a chemical imbalance, like mine, that affects most of their lives. Whatever the case, get out, take a walk, and please talk to someone until you find that person that will listen.





ps if you need to talk and just want an ear


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