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Scarecrow & Mrs King

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Dh & I are watching 80s spies & loving it. LOOK at the size of his PHONE! And LOOK at his COMPUTER!


Mom used to watch it, & I missed the last episode (among most of the others, it turns out), but that was the romantic climax. Then I found old reruns a few yrs ago, & missed the final ep again.


Now we're watching it on some site called slashcontrol. It's...unreliable & WAY choppy, but we can't find it anywhere else. :confused: Any ideas on a) some other site for these hokey 80s spies or b) smoothing out the way the site runs? :D

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Oooo. We were watching old episodes of V the other day, and were laughing at how the aliens passed messages to each other on paper! Paper! Can you imagine? The only way these sophisticated aliens, in their sleek space ships, could pass messages to each other was to have someone deliver it on a piece of paper.


How old-fashioned ;).

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