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Has anyone ever heard of raw honey helping

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I don't know anything about the honey but have you had his hormone levels checked? I have heard from my Dr that if you are still wetting the bed post 6yo you may have an inbalance. At night time your body secretes a hormone which limits the amount of pee your body makes. Some children don't produce enough of this hormone and wet at night. By the time most children are 6yo their bodies sort themselves out and start making this hormone in sufficient quantities to stop the night wetting. If they are still wetting post 6yo then they should be tested. My DH was a long term bed wetter so we have looking into it as it can be hereditary but fortunately that gene skipped my kids, they are all dry at night apart from the occasional accident from little DD.

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Enuresis is fairly common, and your son is most likely just fine! If you are worried, have a good talk with the Dr. My DS struggled with this till almost 7 1/2 I think, then it just stopped... we did invest in waterproof sheets, and actually used cloth waterproof diapers for night.... MUCH cheaper than pullups.... Yes, there are large sizes out there that pull up and are effective.


He was pretty upset about it too, but I found a good kids book at the library about it, and we just made sure that he knew that he wasn't in trouble, that his body just needed to get stronger.


I think it was this book...



We didn't try honey, but we did try no water after dinner, waking to pee about 10pm, but for us, it just was a matter of waiting till his body was ready.


Hang in there... :-) :grouphug:

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