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I am loving the Christmas music!!!

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At the Dicken's Faire we stayed til the end and there was a 35 minute long Christmas carol singalong after hours!


And now I am listening to the Paul Manz Hymn Improvisations Volume III CD, which is all Christmas and Advent music--it is great!


And my pastor has approved the Children's Christmas Service that I wrote this year, so I get to teach the kids some great Christmas carols plus Luke 2 and Isaiah 9 set to music! And then when I direct it, I get to sing my own favorite obscure songs! Because I got to put them into the service myself! (Lest you ask--Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates, and I Heard the Bells. We already sang my other obscure fave, Wake, Awake. O Holy Night is too difficult for congregational singing. Oh How Joyfully was a close third.)


I went to a great Advent Vespers service last Wednesday, in a Lutheran church old-fashioned enough to sing 5 hymns AND the liturgy!


There are not one (as usual) but two more opportunities to go Christmas caroling this year!


And Candlelight Service is coming up on Christmas Eve!


Woo hoo!


I love this time of the year!


(I was well-named. And, yes, my birthday IS in December. Why do you ask?)

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