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Please, someone help me be grateful for . . .

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Psalm 127:3 (New International Version)



3 Sons are a heritage from the LORD,

children a reward from him.


Does that help? :D



Hmmm, I think I have been reading from the PLV (that's my version) that children were a punishment from Him. :D


I suppose I need to get my head into the correct one huh?:001_smile:

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I hear you. Sometimes I go have a private scream othertimes I even let my kids know, I'm going to scream and stomp my feet for just a minute. I usually save this for the times when I spill our spaghetti supper on the floor.:confused: Or the day the dogs destroyed a box of my cherished Christmas ornaments. My kids know that I lose it too.


Today was not a scream day. I actually remembered to let ds8 know that I'd noticed he was "catching his warning lights" more and using words to solve problems with pestering ds6. He grinned a huge grin.


I'm glad you posted because it reminds me that it's precisely on those awfull days that I need to let my kids know something they're succeeding at. Some days I can't find anything nice to say and I've put myself to bed because I'm exhausted.


I'm so glad this board is here and we can vent/ rant, regroup, find an action plan, and ride on.

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