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Post Alg. II math at your high school via CC

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If your high school only offers 12th grade math (after Algebra II/Trig) via a CC, does the teacher collect both adjunct pay from the CC and salary from the district if the course is taught on the high school campus?


I am struggling with the notion of paying to take a pre-college class such as pre-calc when the high school has faculty that are not only capable of teaching it, but seem to be double dipping on the salary. Only reason I can think of (aside from the known greed) is that the students who do take the course don't learn enough to test out of it at their college, so they're transferring the credit to the college instead. This would mean the course is poor, so I should have my child take it from a different provider. Anyone in the know?

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I would think there are a dozen different answers to this question based on location, student need, and a multitude of other things. I would be hesitant to assume the instructor is collecting both their school salary and adjunct pay but it is a good question that could be addressed to your local school or community college.


As for why to take the class for credit at high school instead of college or testing out of it later, some students may only need a pre-calc credit for their general math class and feel it is more advantageous to take it in high school rather than college. As a student, if I could get the class out of the way and know for sure the credit would count toward my degree, I would do it and would encourage my child to do it also. Whether they could test out of it or not is another question. My guess would be that students who are going on to math heavy degrees don't want college credit for pre-calculus but would rather take Calculus 1 or AP calculus.

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Thanks for your reply. I don't think I was clear enough - pre-calc and calc can ONLY be taken via dual enrollment or distance learning. There is no free option that would put the course on the middle school or high school transcript. One cannot take pre-calc or Calc for high school credit without paying. One cannot skip pre-calc to take Calc and apply the credit to the h.s. transcript, although one can certainly take Calc thru other than dual-enrollment status. One can test out of up to 6.5 credits via other providers than the CCs involved in dual-enrollment, but the grade and the credits will not transfer in to the high school.


So I'm wondering why in the world public school students are being denied the opportunity to take 12th grade math without paying. This high school has over 500 students per cohort. They have the numbers to offer the class on campus. There are no AP math classes. Most students have multiple study halls senior year, especially if they have no transport or financial aid for CC work. Must be political.


thanks again for your thoughts.

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