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How "even" are you with children's gifts? Can you give examples?

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My children don't care, but I may need a couple more ideas for my younger son. This includes everything they will get from us and grandparents, and other relatives.



AG Kit stuff: school outfit, school supplies, school lunch kit & scooter

Worship cd/Christy Nockels

Mandie dvd

Mandie books

Trixie Belden (10 used books - I've been collecting through ABE)

Pjs - cute

socks - cute

Jewelry holder (the kind you hang your bracets and necklaces on)


12yos (special needs):

Super hero squad toys

Clone wars ship for his action figures

Puppets for his collection

Pretend "school" playset (sooo cool, his favorite activity)

Yankees tee and accessories

Worship cd



Football team pump case for insulin pump

Red Sox tee and accessories

Cars movie die cast to complete his collection (just 2-3 left)

Edward Eager book collection

Worship cd


Boys share:

Facing the Giants dvd

Door Jamz basketball hoop (over the door)

Tube socks packs



They each will get a Starbucks and Build a Bear gift card.


My 8yo son isn't getting as much as they are. Partly bc he's so sporty and doesn't play with toys much. My others are completing collections of things. Should I even it out with a Knex set or something he likes but didn't ask for?

I guess I'm done?

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I would even out w/Knex set. He will love the surprise. Also, are there any sports teams or heroes he likes. Lots of sports stuff around.



My oldest said she had the best Christmas last year. For the past thirteen yrs, they have mega lists. Which makes it sooo easy. But, last yr. she threw a wrench in it by giving no list. She said surprise her. She ripped every pkg. open.


This yr. she is doing the same. The hunt for gifts for her is killer.

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When my two oldest were younger I kept the gift count the same even if it meant wrapping a pack of bubble gum, yoyo or whatever. Now I try to keep the dollar amt the same but they really don't care. Even though my 2 youngest are 5 years age different I do keep their gift equal. For an 8 year old, even if you know he wouldn't care one way or another I'd even it out.

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Well, *checking over both shoulders to see if Diva's lurking*


We plan to get Diva a bike, since she's had about 4 stolen from our yard, and has had to put up with 'crap' bikes. That's a fair bit of $, so she won't have as many gifts under the tree. She'll still have some, and the big gift (Wii) is to the whole family, and she'll be helping unwrap *that* so I think it'll be good.

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I try to keep the number of packages relatively even. Let's see, this year we got:


ds11: BB Gun + accessories (safety goggles, target, extra BBs); Bakugan


ds6: Lego Pirates (one large set and one smaller set); Bakugan


ds3: Lego Duplo + extra Lego 'mat' for building on; Bakugan


ds1: Xylophone


They each get a few new books as well as a few shared gifts, like board games.

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I agree w/ others about keeping the # of gifts the same. Kids see by the numbers, not the price. My father insists on same amount of money, and it was hard to explain that when they were younger. They are old enough now that it doesn't bother them. I do however, try to even it up further by trading years on expensive gifts. If one gets an expensive gift this year, then someone else will get the expensive gift the next year, and so on.

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I have "categories" of gifts: a fun toy, a more educational toy, a calendar, a book "from Mommy," and a 'media gift.' The media gift is usually a book, but it might be a CD, movie, or (this year) magazine subscription.


The cost of each item varies. This year, for ds, it means he's getting a sand digger (fun toy), a cookbook & apron/chef's hat set (educational), Mama Says, a basketball calendar, and a subscription to Click. Dd is getting some AG things for Chrissa (fun toy), a Thames & Kosmos science kit (educational), Made You Look, a National Geographic calendar, and a subscription to Cobblestone. I'm pretty sure dd's has ended up costing more, but not significantly so.


The baby doesn't have things fitting into categories yet - she's getting a diaper, the book She Is Born, some Touch the Artbooks, a Waldorf doll, a Kleen Kanteen sippy cup, a purple cloth ball, and possibly her new carseat. Some of that will be in the stocking (whereas with the older kids, stocking things are completely separate).


They're each getting one "Santa" gift but it's not big for either - dd wanted her own recorder, and ds wanted Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots.

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My girls are 12 and 9. When they were much younger, I made sure each had the same number of presents to open. For the past several years, I tell my daughters how much I can afford to spend on their Christmas gifts. They tell me exactly what gifts to buy. Few surprises Christmas morning but both are happy with this arrangement. My love language is not gifts so this works very well for me.



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We have never worried about having the exact same number of gifts for our children, although it has usually been about the same each year somehow. We spend the same amount on them, though. We try to stick to $150 each, and my son likes Legos and things that are more expensive, so he knows he doesn't receive as many presents. I also buy clearance items throughout the year that I know they will like, so they still have a lot of things to open (like 12!) But, they are one or two pricey items $30-$40, and then littler things that don't cost as much.


We are getting them the Wii this year, as I have $160 in Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks.

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We have really scaled back over the past few years.


For the last three years I allow my kids to look through various catalogs which come in the fall. Each child can pick out an item or items up to $20.00


Then they each get a Christmas stocking full of little treats and things from the Dollar Tree.


Then there are several "community property" gifts. This may include a movie or two (sometimes I pick up used movies from the library sale room. This year there will be one Wii game for all.


That is about it. I have three kids. They are all happy with what they get. Keep in mind, they still receive gifts from extended family member. They all receive more than enough goodies.

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Our kids understand that each person in the family has $25 to spend on each other person. That can be in the form of one gift or more, but the point is that it's limited. No one here expects a new pony for Christmas so we don't have to worry about making everyone's gift equal.


This has worked out fabulously for us (and our budget) for several years. Rather than spending the couple thousand that we used to spend in the month of December, we spend more on birthdays throughout the year which is easier on the pocketbook, along with making each person's birthday and gift more individualized and special.

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