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What would you add to ILL for a 4th grader?


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When we used ILL, we followed the MFW recommendations. Even if you don't use their plan, I think you'd want to have the same additional pieces in place --


- spelling, if needed

- writing skills such as 3rd person vs. 1st person

- reading literature on their own & read-alouds

- possibly more narration & copywork/dictation, depending on how you use ILL (we did a lot of it orally so we used Bible verses for copywork & history/science for narration)



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My 10yo has used ILL for 4th and 5th grade, here is what we have done along with it:



4th grade we mostly just watched the dvds

5th grade she is doing all of the worksheets that go along with it. I made copies of the work sheets to write on, and I don't make her re-write the sentences unless the nature of the work requires her to.



great program, done independently.


informal poetry study

monthly poem to be memorized, coupled with a photo of the poet, and getting to know other works, and bio.At the end of the month we add it to our poetry folder.


independent reading, read alouds, books on cd


This year I bought this (mostly thinking of my 8 yo)


I am SO GLAD I got this for my 5th grader too. I've realized that she won't want to read picture books much longer (but then again , I could be wrong :)) and letting her log them in this book has revitalized her interest in reading "easier books". We go to the library once a week, where I find a big stack of various reading level picture books to be read and logged.

Of course she logs her chapter books too, but it takes her a while to get through books like Harry Potter.


I'm also getting ready to order the teachers guide to ILL


From what I understand, it offers suggestions on extending/supplementing the lessons.

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