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wordly wise placement? other vocab?


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I am thinking of switching my older dc into wordly wise (from SWO spelling) soon as they are both really good spellers at this point. . .


I would like to do sth other than just stick them in grade level ww vocab, b/c frankly, they both have very broad vocabs already and I don't want to waste a lot of time working through vocab they've already mastered.


Is there a placement test somewhere to choose the most appropriately challenging level?


I downloaded the word lists, so I guess I could just make one up with random words from the various grade levels. . . If I do that, I wonder what % right/wrong would make for an appropriately challenging level?? 90% right? 60%?


If you've been successful with WW, what % pre-test scores would your dc have received (approx, of course) on their lists? (So I can use that as a guide.)


To those who've used WW, do you tend to use it for quite a few years or just a couple?


Originally, I had thought to hold off on vocab until 10th grade and then just do a couple years as SAT prep. Now I was thinking maybe start sooner (8th gr for dd, 6th for ds, as he is a master speller already). . . and spread out the vocab for a few years longer.




If you use a diff vocab program (Logic/Rhetoric stages), what do you like? I was really hoping to do maybe 1 hour a week, for a year or two. . . and just cover a lot of SAT prep ground. If it is not time intensive (under 1 hr a week), I could see doing it for 3-4 years. . . but if it is more intense, I don't want to do it for several years, and will likely wait till 10th/11th. . . .



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To those who've used WW, do you tend to use it for quite a few years or just a couple?




We used WW for about 6 months...my dc hated it. Even though we were using a book a few years ahead of their 'grade level', I discovered they already knew most of the words. So pre-testing is a great idea! They would also come up with their own answers for the workbook which were 'wrong', but not really iykwim....just another possible answer when thinking outside of the box a bit. It got frustrating trying to fit into WW's format.

We've used Vocab from Classical Roots. My dc didn't hate it but it was just ok.

Have you downloaded some of the WW sample chapters?

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