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Have you any experience with Castille Soap?

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I use Dr. Bronner's for everything. I use plain and scented. I like to clean with the scented and I wash me with the plain but will use both for either. I wash dishes with it, scrub the tub/sink/toilet/et c. I wash me with it mostly but if I'm feeling dry -- like now, winter -- I use something more moisturizing.


mmmm, I don't know . . . it's just soap. There isn't much to say about it but that doesn't stop Dr. Bronnner. ;)


and just in case that isn't the kind you got, Dr. B's bottles are **covered** in quotes, anecdotes, and interesting tidbits.


I put the soap in dispensers for the restrooms/sinks. for cleaning I just use it out of the bottle.

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If you have foamy soap pumps, Dr. Bronner's (and probably others) are terrific in there. You hardly need any soap, you can use mostly water, and it foams like crazy. Yes, I love it for body wash, though I would also use a foamy pumper there because it's incredibly sudsy, and because it's kind of watery, so I tend to lose some of it when I squirt it. It can also be drying if you use too much of it--a little goes a long way.


I love it for cleaning my tub too. It breaks down soap scum well (of course you still a scrubber and some elbow grease, but I don't like to use harsh chemicals in the tub, so this works for me). I use it for pretty much any situation where I'd need a soap or detergent with the exception of laundry and dishes (and I know some people who do use it for those). I've been using it on the kids in the bath in minute amounts, and it hasn't irritated their skin at all (they're both sensitive).


Some people bring it camping and use it for everything they need, even brushing their teeth. It tastes terrible, supposedly, but it's not harmful, and you only need to carry one tiny bottle with you. I have a friend who took it backpacking around Europe like that.


I love Dr. B's. If you're careful with it (e.g., using the foamy pumps), your bottle will last you forever. And the lavender and peppermint scents are so luscious!

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