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Wool Allergy, would and hat that is stored in a box with a wool hat cause a reaction?

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all the winter stuff is stored together. At the end of the season we discovered that ds 4 gets hives on his face/hands when in contact with wool.


So this season I thought I was careful to not dress him in wool but he broke out in hives all the same.


Is it possible I "contaminated" the other winter wearables by storing them together?

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Can't the wool pill up and shed? I'd think that some of the fluff came off of the wool and got on the nonwool stuff.


I have kids with allergies, so I know where you're coming from. We had 5 years of searching for swimsuits with no polyester for my youngest. She broke out in hives when she touched polyester that was wet. Since the whole purpose of swimsuits was to get wet, we always had to hunt down swimsuits without polyester. That was very difficult.


Her polyester allergy went away, so she was able to get whatever swimsuit she wanted last year. She was ecstatically happy to have so many choices available.

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Yes, it's possible. btw--not everyone is allergic to ALL wools. I can handle the Rambouillets and their fleeces, but NOT the Shetlands or their fleeces. If I show a Shetland I break out, but I can show a Rambouillet cross. Different wools are different.


I did not know this. My son breaks out in hives with certain wool items and not with others.



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