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How to teach study skills?

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Does anyone have any magic pixie dust I can sprinkle on my daughter?


She got a 75 on her science test (with my generous grading) and cried when she found out how she had done. I asked her how long she had studied and she said 20 minutes. And she seriously wonders why she did so bad!


I know about the Teaching Company Video about how to be a superstar student (I think that's the title).


Any books or a magic potion she could drink?


I'm not sure how to get her on the right track.

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What is the test like? Are they vocab. words whe needs to learn? Have her write them dowm on a card. Then every day she can go over them with you to make sure she is learning them. I would also have her highlight and take notes on key facts. If she hasn't done this before you made need to do it with her, showing her how to determine key facts. Give her a list of possible questions and have her take a practice test. Then show her how to check her own work and look for the correct answers . I say the last part about finding the correct answers because to our adults minds on a practice of course we look up and correct the ones we did wrong. But some teenagers just want to do it quickly-and won't do this step unless it's required-I've learned that from experience. Superstar student also talks about finding a person to talk about what you learned- maybe just have her tell you what she is learning each day to make sure she is really understanding.

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