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What level in Spelling Power is your 3rd grader?


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I can tell you what level she was in last year. She tested into level F, only one word missed or she would have been in level G. I moved her back to level E (she really couldn't be that high could she) and she completed both levels E and F in one year. The only problems she had were the state names and abbreviations.


Now my older one went through level G when I just stopped. She was at the end of 8th grade. She uses spell check quite a lot.


One natural speller and one so not.



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Dd tested into G, but I've been having her do SWO just as busywork since her older brother needs a lot more school time than she does. ;) What I *like* about SP is that you can start wherever your child needs to start, regardless of grade level. A natural speller (which both of my kids seem to be) can move quickly, while a struggling speller can start at a lower level, and neither perceives that they're far off "grade level".

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