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Movie: The Blind Side...to see or not to see....

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OK, we have been invited to go see The Blind Side, and I don't know if it is a movie I want our children to see. I have read the Plugged In review...sounds like the movie is a great story with a fair amount of language, some suggestive behaviors, and violence. I have never taken our children to see anything "worse" than PG, and then I was picky about which ones to see.


Our youngest is old enough that I can talk to her about different lifestyles, bad language, etc., so I could use this movie as a learning tool.


I would like to hear from folks who have seen the movie what you think. What age is the youngest you would allow to see the movie? Did the good really outweigh the bad? Any comments will be appreciated.


There....maybe I got is right this time. I hope so! If I have messed this post up again I am just going to go to bed for a while.


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I have not seen the movie. However, Kids-In-Mind Movie Reviews gives much more detailed scene descriptions than Plugged In (I did a quick side-by-side comparison of the two reviews) and gives a profanity word count. That review in conjunction with reviews from folks here who have seen the movie should give you a pretty good feel for whether you'd be comfortable bringing your kids.


We are rather liberal in what we allow our children to see, but we've decided, based on the Kids-In-Mind review and reviews by friends, that we will wait to see it on DVD but we'll probably let everyone watch it at that point.

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I took my 10yo daughter and my special 12yo son to see it, we adopted him transracially. I wouldn't have if he would have registered the whole birthfamily storyline. He doesn't understand all of that yet. Also, the suggestive speech went over their heads. The previews were horrid. They had to block their eyes and ears!!! My son loved the family relationships and the football. I loved all of it!

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screenit.com will give you specifics in every category and is our favorite place to find movie information. I haven't seen this movie yet though but have heard great things about it from our friends that have. It is based on a true story is about all I know.

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