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Dropping in to my old haut with a huge prayer request...

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Hi girls,


It's been awhile since I've posted, or even read the boards that I used to camp out on over the last decade. But needs are swamping me and I need some prayer support from you all!


Many of you know I'm now teaching middle school history (SOTW!) and English in a private school after homeschooling all four of our kids through high school graduation. The work at school is exhausting as we try to quietly transition to classical. This year there are few of us (teachers) doing more work because of the economy.


Prepare for lots of "thens"...


I planned a huge middle school field trip to a nearby playhouse to see A Christmas Carol. Then, the date was changed to a week earlier because of space. Then, a driver couldn't go, so adjustments had to be made. This also means that we have to finish reading CC in class and complete the lit unit before the play, complicating my initial lesson plans.


Then, I received a summons to jury duty, that I cannot get out of, for--get this--that same week--plus two weeks in January.


Then, my dh's cardiologist schedules him for a repeat cath--that same week. I fully expect that a by-pass will follow, either immediately or within a day or two.


I'm proceeding with Elizabeth Elliot's advice: Just do the next thing.


Scheduling subs for everything is brain-wracking. Keeping everything straight almost sends me into pre-dementia!


So, please, if you pray, and if the Lord brings me to mind, please ask is graciousness and mercy that His will be done, and I survive.


Thanks, girls!


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Hi Janie--


This has been my week to provide prayer support, and I'll certainly add you to my list. As for the practical advice, you are wise to cling to Elizabeth Elliot!


Just to catch up, my homeschooling journey concluded when we moved to a metropolitan area and my high school age dd's entered a public school alternative program. It's been a good move for our family spiritually and emotionally, and the school is unique, well-established and caring. The girls' TWTM foundation has served them extremely well, and their new situation has provided them with some strong leadership opportunities that we were struggling to provide while homeschooling in our rural community. We are now becoming a family that embraces change in addition to valuing education.


Have a wonderful holiday--even if you need to scale back to make room for the rest of life.



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