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What supplies for Dangerous Book for Boys?

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in the front it has an "essentials list"...


  • swiss army knife
  • compass
  • handkerchief
  • box of matches
  • a shooter (big marble)
  • needle and thread
  • pencil&paper
  • sm flashlight
  • band aids (LOL)
  • fishhooks


but the activities run the gambit from tanning hides, building a bow and arrow set and learning basic knots (a sturdy cord would be good for this) to building treehouses and go-carts...how to write secret codes to setting up tripwires LOL


a couple other samples:

simple electro magnet~ you need few ft of copper wire, metal coat hanger (iron), battery, plastic battery holder, a couple nails, electricians tape


the simple circuit "pocket light" ~ you need an Altoids box, a sq. 9volt, a flashlight bulb, duct tape and a couple feet of bare wire...

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