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Do you have a Keurig? I'd love to hear about it.

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I am thinking of putting a Keurig coffeemaker on my wish list for Christmas/birthday.


Is it a pain to use the reusable K-cup, or easy? I'll probably want to use a combination of the prepackaged kind, and using the refillable one.


How's the temperature? I like my coffee quite hot. Is it adjustable at all?


Where's the cheapest place to buy the K-cups?


Any other comments?



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I don't have a reusable K-cup so I can't answer that one.


On the Keurig model I have the water is not adjustable. It is very warm but *not* hot like what you would get with a normal coffee maker. You can pretty much drink it right away without worrying about scalding your mouth.


The cheapest place I have found is Amazon, although they don't sell all of the varieties. When I am in a pinch I pick some up at Target (overpriced but convenient :D).


I love mine because I'm the only one in the house that drinks coffee and there is no mess to clean up after!

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I like my Keurig. I tend to drink one cup and be done. So it was perfect for me.


It's hot enough. There is a temp adjustment.


I have the refill cup but just never used it. It's easy to pop in and out though...I tried :-)


I was fine buying from green Mtn or Keurig with the buy 4 boxes and get free shipping...it was about 52cents per cup. But my dad recently recommended another place...can't remember the name but it had the word "cow" in it somehow, lol. It was cheaper but you had to buy 5 boxes for free shipping....so buy more at one time for cups about 48 cents/cup.


I bought my Keurig at Kohls on sale and used the 30% coupon on my Kohls charge card. Bed/Bath/Beyond has sales and the 20% coupon. They cups aren't a better price usually...it's less in the box than the online ordering! But they had a 60 cup variety pack recently for a good price and with the 20% coupon it was a better deal than online....and you get lots of flavors!


But you do keep shopping around for Kcups. I did the auto ship for awhile but now I have been buying in the store. The online reviews of the Kcups has been nice too!


go get one and enjoy!

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