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I'm using it with an older child who needs remediation. He is enjoying it fairly well. I do not assign all the various dress-ups, I just discuss ways he could add more interesting words to liven up his writing. It does seem pretty light, it isn't much writing on its own. My DS has other writing each day, usually a paragraph related to science or history, or a freewrite.


I am adding in a lot of extra practice with some of the supplemental material IEW sells.


I like it well enough that I will probably use another of their theme books when we finish this one. I don't have the TWSS, but am managing to understand well enough without it.

Michelle T

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We're on Lesson 5. My ds (11) isn't crazy about it, but I like it because (even though I have TSS and am watching the corresponding videos) the lesson is laid out for me.


I just keep telling my son that he is learning the TOOLS for composition. And I give him an awful lot of praise, and not much criticism. I figure I'm using ATFF to learn the system, and then as ds gets more comfortable with composition, I can critique (a little more) and he will sharpen his skills. Right now I'm happy because he does the assignments and has started to apply the "dress ups" and "openers" to his personal and "fun" writing.



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I am loving most of the source texts. I am mixing it with other things that I've taught for years, but I bought this theme based book because I think certain things are done better in this than anywhere else and everything is done well.

I'd be glad to teach this as is in a co-op, but for my home use I'll probably mix and match to suit my personal whim.

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