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mid year evaluation - need some input


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Okay, we are at the midpoint of our "official" school calendar. I took a more relaxed approach this year and we are doing better than ever! We started some subjects this summer due to ridiculously hot weather, so we are finished with some. That's the good news. I am wondering if I need to revamp, change or add anything. So, here goes:


5th grader:

science: BJU 5 complete, sitting in on Apologia physical, plus topics of interest (birds, rocks/minerals, volcanoes, magnets, etc)

grammar: Abeka 5 complete (left out writing portion) starting Queen's LL for Secondary Child in Jan.

writing: Meaningful Comp and picture studies a la Charlotte

history: BF Westward Expansion

spelling: Spelling Power cont

geography: Around the World in 180 Days

art: Artistic Pursuits (plus picture studies)

math: just completed Sax 54, plan to start Sax 65 in Jan

music: violin lessons. Completed BF History of Classical Music

reading: DITHOR


Logic and spanish have been very lose this year. SHould I make any changes?


8th grader:

science: Apologia Physical 1 unit ahead of schedule

grammar: Queen's LL's Secondary Child vol 2 complete

writing: Meaningful Comp

history: BF World and US History

spelling: still doing Spelling Power (not as strong subject for this dc)

Geography: Around the World

art: Artistic Pursuits

math: MUS Algebra 1

reading: DITHOR plus readings from BF. Also using Figuratively Speaking and Poetry and Prose Toolbox.

music: completed BF History of Classical

Logic: Mindbenders, chess


So, anything I should tweak for this level? I am thinking about adding English from the Roots Up in January. Any other thoughts??

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