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I had the FUNNIEST call today...

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I had taken my dd to the orthodontist and she had called a guy at the high school with my phone. After she and I got a bite to eat, we stopped by the house so she could get her sports bag. While she ran in, my phone rang and I thought it was my teen son calling from the high school.


So, I answer, "Hello?" And there's all this noise in the background, so I didn't hear his voice clear. He says, "Who is this?"


So, I say, "Mom." He says, "I can't hear very well. WHO is this??" And I patiently say, "This is mom!" He once again says, "I can't hear very well. WHO IS THIS?"


And I clearly call out, "My name is ____ ______ and I AM YOUR MOM!"


The whole time I thought it was my son. The poor guy hung up and waiting until later to talk to my dd!!!

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When I was a kid (6th grade or younger, bc I remember the house), one of the rare times when I answered the phone, the person said, "Hello, it's Grandma!" So I started talking to Grandma. All was normal until she started talking about or asking about people I didn't know. Huh? Turns out she called the wrong number and wasn't MY Grandma! :D

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