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Cross post: TTC History courses - I'm sooo confused.

Frontier Mom

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We are doing SOTW 3 this year, Late Renaissance to Early Modern. I can't decide which history course to get. Here are my choices:


High School World History

High School Early American History


Western Civilization II

History of the US


Or is there another one? I wish I could just buy them all. From the reviews, I'm a little concerned the HS courses might be too simple for him.

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I hope you enjoy your courses--I have. My dd is a bit young for them, but even at 9 she'll watch a bit if it's on a topic we've talked about.


Our library has the HS courses you've mentioned so I've been able to check them out. They are a bit gimmicky in my opinion. I think they would appeal to kids who need to be entertained in order to engage. My young dds enjoyed seeing what costume he would be wearing each time. But I think if you are used to reading books and engaging ideas, you don't really need the gimmicks. History is fascinating enough on its own. I would use the course, but probably at a younger age than HS. I'm glad I can get them at the library, but they aren't courses that I want to invest my own money in.

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