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Digital Photo Frames - questions inside

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I bought my MIL a digital photo frame for Christmas. I am very electronic device challenged! We are taking it with us when we visit my dd tomorrow in Tennessee. Her and her dh are whizzes when it comes to computers and electronics. The photo frame has a 1 GB internal memory. My question is can you take pictures off a CD and put on the frame or only pictures on your memory card.


Also, I am wondering if I should include pictures of my FIL who passed away three years ago. My MIL still struggles with grief at times and I don't know if the pictures would be a painful reminder to her or comfort her. Any thoughts?


My last question is I am debating whether to ask my SIL if she wants to put pictures on the frame of her family. The gift is just from our family. Maybe I should wait until after Christmas and if she wants to add pictures after she can. What do you think?

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You can give her the frame with just the photos you chose originally. Then, for subsequent life events (such as birthdays, etc.), you can load new images into cards and your MIL can watch them on her frame.


We did this years ago with my in-laws who lived in Canada. Every once in a while I mailed them a new card with tons of pictures of the kids. They loved it.


You have chosen a wonderful gift for your MIL.


Merry Christmas!

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