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When you or your kids have flu-like symptoms, do you go to the doctor?

If you or your kids have flu-like symptoms, do you go to the doctor?  

  1. 1. If you or your kids have flu-like symptoms, do you go to the doctor?

    • Yes. ASAP, even though we have no underlying health conditions.
    • Yes - we have other health conditions that make the flu dangerous for us. If we didn't , then no.
    • Only if some sort of complication arises.
    • Nah.

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It would depend on severity of symptoms. I would take a child in for wheezing or difficulty breathing. One of mine is asthmatic, so if I couldn't reduce their respiratory symptoms at home with the medications we usually have on hand (or was relying on a lot of Albuterol to do so), I would take them in.


I guess the same is true for me -- if I really couldn't breathe, I'd go in...


Otherwise, we just try to treat symptoms, rest, drink lots, take plenty of vitamin C and D, and wait it out...

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No. I have never seen a need. We have never experienced anything but very ordinary symptoms and rarely even those. In fact, I have never taken my kids to the doctor for anything other than physicals that I can remember right now. I do have a young boy now, so I may find a need before he is gown. :)

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Just curious. I know what approach *I* take, and depending on who I'm around I sometimes feel "weird" for taking that approach. So I'm curious as to what "most people" do.:D


I don't. Rather, I haven't yet felt like I had to but I wouldn't be opposed to it if something felt off. I have siblings that are doctors, though, so they're who I'd go to first before I went to a "normal" doctor for something like this.

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If their symptoms are mild...I wait and see. If they have fever longer than 3 days or show signs of any complications...we go in...usually to be told its viral..BUT I am still careful because my kids have had pneumonia...NOT FUN!! Very very scary..especially in a newborn.


My biggest issue on bringing the kids in, is that we have caught some of our best sick <sarcasm intended> in the waiting room of the dr.'s office. I would bring them in with something mild...and because their immune systems were fighting off a cold or something...they would come home with the other kids pink-eye (obvious) or strep...UGH!!!!



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We only see the doctor for illness if something weird is going on.


For example, breathing problems. Came home with pneumonia diagnosis and prescriptions for antibiotics and albuterol.


Or dehydration. Ended up in the hospital for two days.


Or the child with a rash whose ears were swollen and bright red. (That turned out to be Fifth's Disease, but the ears confused me.)

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My 11yo came home last Monday with flu-like symptoms. We kept him comfortable, and that was that.


I began to have flu-like symptoms on Thursday. No reason to call dr.


My 2yo woke up with a 104+ fever, and was very lethargic on Friday. We did take him in to see the dr, and he tested positive for H1N1.

Knowing it was H1N1, we took each of the girls in as they came down with symptoms (later that Friday and Monday morning). I probably would not have taken them in if ds hadn't tested positive.


Dh started to get sick Sunday night, but he hasn't been to the dr.

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Didn't vote, there was no Other. I often call the office to run symptoms by the nurse. She can tell me if there is a particular something going around and offer any thoughts on care. I don't take them in unless the nurse thinks something is unusual or if I think they need more than I can offer. I also want certain information to be included in their health chart histories for future reference.


My oldest got pneumonia from N1H1 complications, and even though he was hours away, I called our nurse. She aqdded the info to his chart, was very reassuming, and gave me some info to pass along to my son, (Who was being seen at the college clinic).


Of course, if I didn't trust or like our practice, I suppose I wouldn't call at all. But we've been with the same HCP for 18 years and our care has been outstanding and respectful.

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Heck, my kids don't even have a doctor now. Haven't in two years. Well, my dd has her allergist/asthma specialist. I don't need permission to go to a specialist, so I generally just call and set up my own appt. Little stuff like strep tests I take to the walk in clinic at the drugstore. We don't do physicals. Pretty much, if it doesn't need antibiotics, I don't take them in. For everything else, the ped. just refers to a specialist anyway.

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Not usually. When my older son had the flu at age 4, he was vomiting constantly, dizzy to the point where he couldn't stand, and had a fever of 105. He couldn't stop vomiting to keep the fever meds down, so I did end up taking him to the doctor to get a shot of phenegran.


I would also take the kids in if they had been sick for awhile and weren't getting better OR if some kind of complication was arising (which could be any thing from trouble breathing to "mom's intuition" kicking in).


But...at the FIRST sign of symptoms, no. Many things present with ILI and are NOT the flu. Then, you have just exposed your kids to a dr. office full of germs in their already weakened immune system. For a virus, even flu (if you don't want Tamiflu), there is just not much a dr. can do anyway.

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Not usually. A few years back my oldest three had the flu for 9 days, weren't eating, just generally wasting away. The ped asked us to come in for a chest x-ray, so we did. If an illness lasts for a week or more, I probably would take mine to the doctor.

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