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What to get 19 kids for christmas?

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We are hosting our church's small group's christmas party and I need something for the kids. We will not be doing any games with them (not enough time), they will just have a small wrapped gift. What is something small and CHEAP I can get for them (preferably around $1 a kid or close to it). I was probably going to get 1 thing for the boys and 1 thing for the girls. I thought about going to the dollar store, but wanted to see if there is something else better out there or see if anyone else had a good idea.

Thanks so much!

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Candy Canes. Seriously, one year I had to decorate a tree for a Christmas musical, I used dollar store tinsel garland, red bows and candy canes. After the musical all the kids wanted a candy cane and I told them to go ahead. Most of them said it was the high-light of the evening. :001_rolleyes:


Of course, your view of the amusement value of 19 kids consuming candy before Christmas might vary.


If you don't want to do candy, I would also suggest the party store. Look for cheap costume stuff such as halos, wise men crowns, Santa hats, etc. They can wear them at the party and be festive.

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