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help with a poem --IEW poetry users, or vocab experts help!


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Is there a Victorian meaning of the word "shutter" that has something to do with boats? Or do you think it refers to a window shutter? I think probably so.


My son has asked as we are working on the poem "Godfrey Gordon Gustavus Gore", and having searched all our home dictionaries and online dictionaries, we can't figure out what it is talking about, other than the obvious use as a pun.


"Their hands they wrung, their hair they tore;

But Godfrey Gordon Gustavus Gore

Was deaf as the buoy out at the Nore.


When he walked forth the folks would roar,

"Godfrey Gordon Gustavus Gore,

Why don't you think to shut the door?"


They rigged up a Shutter with sail and oar,

And threatened to pack off Gustavus Gore

On a voyage of penance to Singapore."

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