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Help me plan my reading program for January!!!

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Ds is a 9yo 2nd grader and is currently reading at about a late 2nd grade, early 3rd grade level. I had planned to use SL's Intermediate 2 readers with him, but he seems to be able to handle slightly harder books, so we'll be attempting SL 3 readers along with DITHOR 2/3. He's finished up a first pass through phonics, but I'm doing ETC 5 with him now and I think we'll finish up the rest of the books. Ds has no trouble with decoding the words, but struggles to spell them when he has to fill in the blank. I'm also using SpellWell A and that's going well so far. Ds uses MCP Phonics and SWO 2 with a tutor, but he needs a lot of reinforcement to master basic skills, so this is not overkill. He's also using Beyond the Code with his tutor and Jane Ervin's Varied Reading Comprehension A with me. He's working through FLL and WWE with his 1st grade sister.


I'd like to simplify his reading instruction and make sure I'm covering all the bases. He's too young for Rewards Intermediate, but I think he may be past the Early Elementary version. Barton requires a minimum IQ of 70 and ds's score was 50. This doesn't reflect his actual ability, but it is the only official score I've got, so that's out too.


I'd like to hear any suggestions you've got, because I really need to find a new direction for his reading instruction. He seems to be on the cusp of independent reading and I'd love to get him over the hump to reading on his own. I'd prefer secular materials, but beggars can't be choosers.



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