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Measuring freshly milled flour

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I have a Nutrimill for milling grain into flour. I am having quite a bit of difficulty with measuring the flour for recipes. I am not that experienced making bread that I can just tell how much is needed, and I often use a breadmaker. I also like to make lots of other things like cookies, muffins, pizza dough, waffles, etc. I know I need more flour than the recipe calls for, but how much more? I've tried using weight to measure but that hasn't worked for me either.


Is there a tried and true trick?




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This volume/weight chart at King Arthur has been very useful for me. I cut and pasted the flour portion into the inside of my cabinet right above my scale. I never go by volume anymore. One thing that I do is I weigh out my wheat berries before I grind using a little bit more than the amount/weight of flour required for the recipe. I just freeze any extra flour in a ziplock.


I have found that I go more by texture than anything now that I've been baking for a while. Honestly, it just takes some trial and error... :(


I use both freshly-milled (from my Nutrimill) and store-bought.

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