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"Spanish" on keyboard quit working???? SOS Spanish

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We are doing SOS Secondary Spanish. Ds does this all on his own, and I am a techno-idiot. Our desktop crashed a few weeks ago, and we installed it on his laptop. It was working fine. No problems with making the accents, squiggles over the n's, etc. So we come back from our week off for Thanksgiving and now it isn't working!!! The little "ES" is up there, but it just makes the "bu-lup" sound when he tries to do an accent. He has tried hitting the "alt" key prior to the letter which is how he believes he was doing it before. Unfortunately, when desktop crashed a few weeks ago, and I did NOT install the tutorial about the keyboard on his laptop. Has he just forgotten how to make the accent? He has tried both the left and right alt keys. We have tried some other things as well to no avail. Why would this suddenly quit working? It is a problem, b/c unless he gets those accents in there, the answers are wrong.


Any advice???

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