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need to make ornaments for fundraising purposes

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DH is in a community orchestra. They have their Christmas concert on Sunday and will have some tables set up with things for people to buy (Gift baskets and such). It's a fund-raiser for the orchestra. DH has asked us (kids and me) to make some ornaments to sell there. I can find tons of ornament ideas on the internet, but has anybody done anything like this (selling them, that is)? Pricing ideas would be helpful, too.


I completely forgot about this and they need to be done by Friday. So, something not too time-consuming would be good. :001_smile:

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Paper clip angels are very quick and inexpensive. They can be sold as ornaments or for adorning gifts. Since it's for raising funds I would price them $2 or 3 for $5. They would look cute covering a small table top tree.


These are made from a 'butterfly' paper clip, thin ribbon and a bead. (I have used silver pony beads) Here's a photo (on the left) http://home.att.net/~mcdermand/angel_paperclip.htm

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I completely forgot about this and they need to be done by Friday. So, something not too time-consuming would be good. :001_smile:


If you decide otherwise on the time-consuming thing, I recommend Martha Stewart's cinnamon dough ornaments! They're gorgeous! But I made them one time four years ago and haven't had the energy/motivation to do it again because it does take a lot of effort, time and thought. But they ARE gorgeous (they're in the shape of birds & you put beads on them for their coloring). I'm sure you could sell them for a bit more than the average ornament.


Another option is clear glass balls with Christmasy items inside them. For the vendor table I do for my business at Christmas time, I do clear/colored balls with words like "believe," "peace," and "joy" on them and I'll sell these for about $3 each.

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I hope you've been able to get a few ideas! I saw this post yesterday but didn't get back on to reply until now. Here are a few ideas, if you are still looking.


Using Christmas fabrics or scraps of red, green, tan, etc...sew together small four-patch squares, add a backing, stuff & sew a button in the center of the four-patch. sew on a loop of ribbon to hang with.


Using felt--make mittens, stars, trees, snowmen--sew around the edges, stuff, trim.


Wooden ornaments are my favorite with the kids--let them paint them, embellish with buttons. Use wire or ribbon to hang with. We have a bunch of gold stars that we put on the tree.


Styrofoam balls with scraps of fabric covering. I don't know if I can explain this well enough, but it is the easiest, goes pretty fast & looks cute, too. Just take all kinds of scraps (I do Christmas fabrics/colors), and using a butter knife (not too sharp) push the edges down into the styrofoam ball. Where one fabric ends, grab another scrap & stuff in until all of the styrofoam is covered.


Wooden spools--you can paint them to look like snowmen...paint the top black like the hat, the center white like face, paint on the face, and then paint the bottom a different color & tie a strip of fabric around the bottom as a scarf.


If you find little mini wooden spools, you can take three of them--paint off-white or white and using a strip of fabric you can create a snowman. The top spool has black painted on top for hat, face drawn on it; middle spool has three buttons drawn on (I just used a sharpie); bottom spool is just solid white. Take a strip of fabric (I used red & white gingham) and tie in a loop, turn it so there is a knot at the bottom & string the spools on in order so it forms a snowman. Then you just use the fabric loop to hang on the tree.


I usually make a different ornament with the kids each year...so I need to figure out the new one for this year!

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