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Two questions - Violins and Treadmills (Aubrey's DH)

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Hi, everyone.

I'm looking to buy a couple of used items off of Craig's List and Aubrey suggested I consult the tome of infinite wisdom - the WTM general boards.


Here's what's up: Firstly, we've been considering buying a treadmill for some time now and this weekend I've had my first opportunity check out CL for a good buy in our area. We want one that's electric (not manual) and that shows you how many calories you've burned, how far you've walked, etc.... What brands/types are good? What should I avoid? I've got my dad's truck for the next couple of days, so this is a good oportunity to grab one.


Secondly, my dd6 has expressed interest in playing the violin. I've seen some on CL for arround $50 but have no idea what to look for or anything. Any idea what sizze she would need? The guy at Mr E's music here in town said that they come in all sizes starting at about a two year old's arm length. You wouldn't want to get one that will be outgrown quickly, but also not one that's too big to start on now. Also, we can't really afford lessons or anythign - is there any point in getting a violin without lessons? Any online programs, books, etc... that y'all know about? Thanks a bunch, ladies.


God bless you,



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Hi Aubrey, If you are bound and determined to "go it alone", then here are the only 2 places I would recommend.

http://www.ebaru.com/ This is called the Violin Book, and it is specifically written with "do it yourself"ers in mind. Once you enter the site, click on the "how to size your violin" to know what size violin you are looking for. As for a violin itself, please do yourself a favor and do NOT get a $50 violin off of craigslist. You can get a very good, well set up instrument for $10/month from Shar music online. http://www.sharmusic.com/Pages/Rentals/National-Rentals-Flex-Plan/ They are a very reputable company. Then try violin for 5 months (price you mentioned on craigslist) and see how it goes. The setup of a violin is EVERYTHING! You do not want a beginner trying to learn on something potentially unplayable. I know this because my daughter started out playing on a rental from the performing arts center where she takes lessons, and the rental was a total piece of c**p. Literally it was a $100 cheapie junker. We persevered through 3 months of that, before I had had enough, did my homework, and got a lovely gliga violin for around 350 (an intermediate level quality violin at at steal of a price). OMG, the difference was literally breathtaking. But I knew she was going to stick with it. At your son's age, and the fact that he still has growing to do, rent from a reputable company.

Happy violining!


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Re. violin. If is it to be a surprise, measure dd6's arm. If not a surprise, take her down to the music store and have them size her for the violin. I'm going to guess something around a 1/4 size violin for that age. When I was in 6th grade I was using a 3/4 size. It's usually best to rent one while they are still growing. You can rent them from the music store. And sorry, in my opinion, there isn't much point to getting one without lessons. Violin more than some other instruments is so dependent on getting arm and hand positions correctly. Now having said that, I'm sure there are people who picked up a fiddle at home and "fiddled around" with it (get it?:D) and have learned how to play. But again, my opinion is that you really need lessons.

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I suggest waiting on lessons until you can pay for a teacher. The teacher should be able to advise you on size and violin type. My dh is a violist and I have a degree in viola & music ed. We did not feel ready to start ds on viola until he was 9. I didn't start violin till age 11 and dh was 12. We both received great scholarships are are pretty competitive players. In other words-it won't hurt your dd to wait.



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The link below is to a website with loads of information about violin playing, buying, etc. and some video about sizing, holding , etc. I support the above comment about lessons. My son started at 9 with a VERY low key approach, and became more serious at 12. He is a concert master now at 16. So many bad habits are so hard to break that having good instruction from teh beginning is crucial.



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