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Just ordered MCT.....


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for DD10 (who will use it along with IEW Medieval Theme Based Writing) and the twins DD and DS 9 - who will use it along with CW AESOP (which I love - but doesn't seem to present much of a challenge to them).


I am looking forward to reading through the actual materials and having a seamless (i.e., one author) approach to Writing and Grammar.


I am hoping that this provides even more comfort to our LCC curriculum.


I cannot wait for it to arrive! :D

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Which level did you order?


We are also doing MCT Island with CW Aesop so we will compare notes. So far neither program takes up very much time and neither one of us feels overwhelmed. My son really enjoys the Building language exercises (poems and similes) of MCT.


I ordered ISLAND for the twins -- it seemed to make the most sense when I read over the samples. I am especially looking forward to the exercises as "I" need that type of work to see that the lesson is being learned, and the kids enjoy it. Also, we weren't doing poetry, and now we will so I am happy about that.


I really like AESOP, could not 'love' Homer for DD10 so I sold it - and she continues in IEW-theme based, BUT I am looking forward to her jumping into MCT -- I think she will love it.


As soon as I have something to report, I'll get in touch with you -- pls do the same for me!:001_smile:

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You'll be stalking the mailman this week - LOL.


I love the grammar portion. We just started Building Language last week and this week I've added Music of the Hemisphere's to our schedule. Sentence Island doesn't get added until Grammar Island is completed and you move on to the Practice book. We're at part 4 (clauses) in Grammar Island though, so it won't be long.


We've hung on to WWE and IEW along with MCT, just can't let go of IEW yet and have no intentions of leaving WWE. I've read through Sentence Island, but have to use it to get a better feel for it and see how the kids respond to it. It's hard to picture the pace they'll go through it at and frequency of writing right now. So here I am using three programs as written, that are intended to each stand alone, trying to secure the foundation.


I want the narration and dictation aspect of WWE, the structure and detailed steps of IEW, and the grammar, word choice and arrangement of MCT.[/QUOTE]


Me too, in red. I want the narration and dictation of CW, DD10 is accustomed to the structure and detail of IEW as this is her third or fourth year in it, and I want the grammar, word choice and arrangement of MCT.


And as for the blue in your post, :iagree:, and that's what homeschoolers do.:tongue_smilie:


AND, YES! I cannot stalk the mailman as we are still away from our home and living in the hotel, BUT I will be timing my daily trips to the house so that I am not there too early for the mail delivery -- I may also ask our plumber to bring in any packages he finds at the door! :D

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