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TT- Do your dc's write in the book and what happens at year end for another student?

Frontier Mom

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I will be using these multiple times and wondered if you usually just have them write the answers in a notebook. As I understand, they put the answers in the computer.


Also, I can use the CD-Roms for the next child right? How does that work?


Thanks. New to TT and just a few questions.

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Ds does not write in the workbook. This was his choice. He finds it redundant to work out the problem (he uses scratch paper for this), then type in his answer on the computer, AND then write it in the workbook as well. Makes no sense. After each disk, I print out his scores and put them in his portfolio.


And yes, you can use the next child. You may have to uninstall and reinstall the program to get you a fresh start.

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