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Can we talk about Reading Reflex


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I would look at REWARDS from Sopris West. My 11yo struggles (was struggling) with reading comprehension, mostly related to his inability to sound out multi-syllable words. After doing about half the program, he can sound out things like "incomprehensible" and "conservancy." It teaches word parts, vowel digraph sounds, and a systematic method for decoding an unknown word. It attacks these skills from all different angles, so there are lots of ways to learn the skills needed.


I am using Reading Reflex for another child and I was thinking to use it for my 11yo, but the Advanced Code/Multisyllable management sections lacked a lot of hand holding. I did see recently on the Read America website that there are 4 workbooks for the Advanced Code section, so you might check those out as well.


Having said all that - if your child does not know all the phonograms (and all their sounds) I would start there. REWARDS teaches some of them, but it would probably take more practice to master them than what is in the REWARDS lesson.

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I have a sixth grader who is struggling with reading comprehension would reading reflex help her?


I agree with the other two. RR really works mostly on more basic phonics and bending, not fluency and comprehension. You might also look into buying a Visualizing and Verbalizing manual. The whole program is expensive, but the manual can be found fairly cheap ($30ish) and you might be able to use the ideas in it for helping your child to use their mind/memory to aid comprehension.




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