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The Christmas shopping is done. Decorations are up (except the tree, which will go up-after I take a shower!while we listen to Christmas music.) What ideas are on your list this year to enjoy this holiday season. So far, I have: baking cookies with my SIL and other relatives, which we then swap; making cookies on another night with just my children; driving around looking at Christmas light; inviting my SIL and nephews over for Christmas movie night; watching great Christmas movies (Christmas Story, Home Alone, etc) with my children. I can't think of anything else to add. Any ideas?

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Sledding was always a favorite tradition in my family! Several years we got together with 4 other families on Christmas afternoon to sled, then had a dinner potluck at one family's house in the evening with hot chocolate, hot cider, cookies, and leftovers. Once my baby is old enough to go sledding we plan to drive 2.5 hours to the nearest snow since we live in the CA desert now.


What about looking through (or organizing?) family photos from past years? This could be constructive and bring up great memories!

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Take all of the leftover Halloween candy and build a gingerbread house. It's very easy, as long as you don't mind getting frosting all over your fingers. And you have to let the kids pop as much candy in their mouths as they make the houses. That's just tradition!


Cover a piece of cardboard with al foil. (Cardboard from a cereal box or something.)


Stir a tsp of cream of tartar in the frosting so that it hardens stiffer than it normally would.


Make an upright rectangle with the graham crackers, then put a couple of graham crackers diagonally in the middle of the rectangle to hold up the walls. Put a cracker flat on the top of your walls, then put a couple of graham crackers on the top in the shape of a triangle roof. (using the frosting as glue the whole time.)


Cover whatever you want to cover with frosting and stick the candy in. You can cover the al foil for a "garden" of candy as well.


The kids look forward to building the house all year long. And any candy left over after the house is built is thrown out (just in time to make room for Christmas candy...ugh!)

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Make two ornaments - one to keep and one to give away.

String popcorn and cranberry garlands & put on a tree outside.

Go ice skating or tubing

Carol with our youth group

Attend a community holiday concert

Donate used or new toy

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Today, dd and I are attending an ornament exchange party, then we'll go to the Festival of Trees. Tomorrow, we'll put our tree up and decorate for Christmas.


We also make fudge and goodies to give out to friends, the postman, etc. We keep it pretty low-key.


I almost forgot; we're reading Bartholomew's Passage this year, too.

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