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Does anyone own a flip video camera?

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We have the HD one, I think it holds up to two hours of film. DS loves making dumb videos with it, both on his own and with friends. It provides them with tons of entertainment. It also comes with editing software, so the resulting films can be doctored up and edited.


Well worth the $199, IMHO. Incredibly easy to use, it is literally point-and-shoot.

Michelle T

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Costco and SAMs Club are carrying or will be carrying them soon. Costco has a $30 off coupon in their latest coupon booklet for a Flip, but I'm not sure what model or what the cost is....


I order a Flip Ultra HD from Walmart.com with two accessories for $169 as my movie makers want HD. I think it's an online special.



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ok, now I'm confused. What is the difference between the different flip video cameras? I'm assuming that HD is high definition but what is the difference between the ultra and the mino? I was really hoping to spend $150 or less. Would the cheaper one still work well or should I stick with the HD. I wonder if they will go on sale for cyber Monday.

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