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poll about ages your kids were when they got their driver's licenses

how were your kids when they got their licenses?  

  1. 1. how were your kids when they got their licenses?

    • within a few days of 16th birthday (or before 16yo)
    • within a few months of 16th bday
    • 16.5-17yo
    • after 17th bday, but before 18th bday
    • 18yo or later
    • other

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This poll is only for those with kids who actually have their licenses. I think I have it set up for multiple responses possible in case your kids have gotten their licenses at different ages.


My dh was shocked that I wasn't at DPS with our oldest on her 16th birthday. He doesn't understand at all why I waited until I was almost 17yo to get mine or why our dd (17yo in March) still doesn't have hers. She has completed Driver Ed in a Box and has more than 50 hours of driving practice time, but she still needs to study for the written portion of the test. I am planning to take her to DPS over Christmas break for her driving test.

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I chose other because each of my kids was different.


Here in NY, they must be 16 and pass a written test to get their learner's permit. This allows them to drive under the supervision of a licensed driver age 21 and over. They must have at least 20 hours of driving practice, then take and pass their road test.


We were pretty broke when the boys were old enough, and so all the kids so far have had to pay for their learner's permit (now $75, also covers their license after they pass the road test, and good for 8 yrs total). They also have to pay the increase in our car insurance.



Ds1 didn't get his license until he was in Bible school in FL. He was 20. And he had to take his road test 4 times.


Ds2 got his permit on the first business day after his 16th birthday, and passed his first road test less than 2 months later.


Dd1 got her permit on her 16th birthday, but didn't start driving for a couple of months, then passed her second road test 10 months after her birthday.


We'll see what happens with the rest!

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they were 18.5, 17 on the day, and 16 on the day! To each his own. The oldest has severe ADHD and needed more time to be comfortable with driving. My husband took each of them to the Driver's Edge course in Las Vegas for a refresher. The youngest will do that for his 18th birthday. This course really helped with young drivers who had become overconfident.

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DD turned 16 in April and got her license about 3 weeks ago. She had to wait until she completed a certified drivers ed. course (not required by law, but helps a lot with insurance) and the instructor gave her the driving test. Here once they pass the written test to get their permit they do not have to take it again.

In Alaska for the first 6 months it is a provisional license and they are not allowed to have other kids in the car except siblings or be on the road between 1:00 and 6:00 am unless going to or from work by the most direct route.



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So far only my oldest has made it to driving age and he waited until he was 18 to get his license. I pushed him a bit as he had had the permit forever. His dad still can't figure out why he didn't want it. I think he was afraid of being in a wreck. Now he is my chief errand runner and chauffuer for the youngers. That said I imagine his younger sister will have me down there on the day of her 16th birthday. Guess they need to pick for themselves.


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My kids aren't remotely close to being old enough to drive. But my parents made me wait until late spring to get my license as they didn't want me driving in the snow. I didn't really have a problem with this until I turned 25. I called up my insurance to find out how much my premium was going to drop only to learn that it's not age 25 but rather 9 years after receiving your license. So because I was 17 when I got my license, I had to wait until age 26 to get the discount. Then I was mad at my parents for not letting me get my license as soon as I was eligible at 16 1/2...

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