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Good spanish programs?

Hot Lava Mama

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I've heard good things about So You Really Want to Learn Spanish, from Galore Park. If it's like their French course - which I like a lot - I wouldn't recommend it if you don't speak the language, as the audio is not very helpful.




I agree that SYRWTL Spanish is super. My older two dc are using it. We find it thorough, manageable, and nicely laid out. There is a Galore Park users group and Nick Oulton from the publisher is there regularly answering queries, etc. Very accessible. You will want the audio CD unless you have someone comfortable not only speaking but also improvising a bit to make up for the lack of the CD (which is needed for some dictation type exercises.) The only lacking is that there are not tests built into the main program -- they are available on a Teachers Resources CD that is very expensive (as much for that one CD as the rest of the teachers/student/audio CD together if I recall right!). The main program is very reasonably priced. horriblebooks.com is a great place to buy it.


FWIW, I found recently that it worked best to have access to a spanish speaking tutor (since I have no spanish background) and so my dc each have a 30 min tutoring session every 2 weeks with a spanish tutor to go over any trouble spots, practice orally, and preview upcoming grammar/etc. That is making it go *super* well for us. If you have some spanish background, or even are doing it along with the dc, you probably wouldn't need that support. But, I found that I wanted the support and I think that would be the case for *me* no matter what program I was using for them, presuming it includes grammar and other concepts that take a bit of facility in the language to "get" well enough to teach.

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