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Do inexpensive toys soldiers exist?

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My boys spend a lot of time playing with plastic toy soldiers from the dollar store. We're studying modern times this year, so that has fit in really well. We're also reading The Indian in the Cupboard series right now; I think that is what inspired them to get out the plastic men.


I was thinking about Christmas gifts and I'm so tired of buying them lego. I thought I could get them each a set of toy soldiers from WWI or WWII. I was thinking of soliders that were painted and more realistic looking than the dollar store junky ones that we have. I'm willing to put some money into them, but not $30 for one figure!


Is there a place that sells nice looking toy soldiers that are a few steps up from the dollar store version (where you get a whole bag for $2) but not quite as pricey as the $30 per figure soldiers? I'd like to be able to purchase about fifteen soldiers each, maybe even a tank or a big gun as well, and not spend more than $75 per boy.



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Hobby Lobby is another place where you can find different styles. They have the "collector" types but they also have the cheaper bags of different soldiers than we've been able to find elsewhere. We've also had good luck at Target. During the Christmas season they have some different sets that include tents, tanks, etc. that my kids like to put togehter with their other sets.

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Guest Alte Veste Academy

I found some decent stuff put out by Unimax on Amazon. Scroll down past the weird incidentals to get to the soldiers, tanks, etc.


ETA: OK, Unimax makes this Forces of Valor series. The soldier and accessory sets seem like perfect middle-of-the-road options, price-wise.

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